Frequently Asked Questions

What does "pasteurized" mean?
Pasteurization is a simple heating process that kills harmful microorganisms. All of our products are pasteurized and are thus safe for consumption.
How are your juices, nectars, UHT milk and flavoured milk shelf stable?
We use state of the art technology that allows the product to be pasteurised (for juices and nectars) or sterilised (for milk products) and aseptically filled in a sterile environment. As long as the packaging is airtight, the beverage remains sterile. This way, our products are safe to consume and can be stored at room temperature. Our products are thus preserved without the need of any conservatives/preservatives!
What happens when the packaging of juice, nectar or milk loses its integrity? or what happens when the packaging gets opened?
Since our Maccaw, Danway Iceberg, La Bergère and UNO products do not contain any preservatives, they will, after a few days, spoil when in contact with air (as any natural fresh beverage would!). How would air get inside the pack? If an airtight pack is dropped on the floor, torn, twisted, punctured or, is subject to any other mechanical shock, it might lose its integrity and allow air to enter and come in contact with the beverage.
Are your products gluten free?
All of our juices, nectars, flavoured milk, white milk, dairy products and most of our ice creams do not contain gluten. Click here to get the list of our gluten-free products.