Our fully automated production lines employing state of art technology, ensure the smooth production of premium juice and ice cream, sorbet and fruit preparations at LibanJus with a consistant quality output. We enforce continuous controls throughout the whole production chain. All ingredients are controlled in the central laboratory of our factory to ensure they meet strict microbiological, chemical and sensorial requirements.

We strive to maintain flexibily. As a result, we can produce complicated products with special filling and decorating techniques within short order.
Food Safety
Food Safety is the most important issue in the global food supply chain. So LibanJus took in the year 2005 the decision to move towards a Codex Alimentarius based HACCP food safety system.

Working closely with DQS-UL a certification body based in Germany, we were able to constantly improve our food safety level, reduce customer complaints and set-up a transparent system of traceability throughout the food supply chain. HACCP will of course continue to persist as an important food safety tool at LibanJus for the years to come
In the language of Dr. Edwards Deming – the Quality pope - we strive to “concentrate on the efficient production of the quality that the market expects and to link it to the management“.

We constantly innovate our products using raw materials from global certified manufacturers with leading roles in the supply market. Taking into account the newest developments in the market in addition to the needs and desires of our customers. We do this without loosing sight of the nutritional aspect, to ensure a we continue to deliver healthy and nutritious products.
Suggestions or Complaints
We strive to constantly deliver the best quality to our customers. Should you have a complaint on any of our products, please write to us using the form on the Contact us page. Describe the issue in details and our Quality Control team we get back to you.

Note: For traceability purposes we need the Coding. The Coding is the letter/number combination printed next to the expiry date on the package. You can also attach a Picture if needed.
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