It all began when Mr. Mikhael Gharios built the La Frutta Factory in the suburbs of Beirut, mainly for packing oranges grown in nearby plantation fields.
La Frutta introduces its first tin plate filling line for fruit-based products.

La Frutta Factory relocates few kilometers away to fulfill the need for a greater space for fruit drinks production with the introduction of new carton packaging line under the Top Juice brand: Liban -Jus is created.
The total number of carton filling lines increases from four to ten in order to meet the rising demand from local
and eastern European markets.

Introduction of the first two glass filling lines for bottle juices under the Top Juice brand.
Our ice cream factory is born and we introduced the Iceberg brand with Ice Lollies during the first year
With the immediate success of the Iceberg brand, the first Hoyer Straight Line for ice cream production was installed.
Maccaw was created to meet the demand for 100% juices and premium nectars, and installed two new Tetrapak lines to fill juices in cartons.
We created the Uno brand to meet the growing demand for premium nectars and fruit drinks packed both in glass bottles and cartons.
We introduced the Iceberg milkshakes to complement the ice cream range, which made a breakthrough in the Lebanese market that lacked flavoured milk products.
We expanded the ice cream range to exceed 55 SKUs in order to serve the most demanding and diversified customer base.
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